How to double your online ticket sales? How to sell tickets for money online fast? Here are 5 strategies to keep in mind!

Every event is special and different. Selling tickets online is a great way to promote your event and to attract more potential buyers. If you are interested in selling tickets for money online, you need to remember that planning is key. Having a well-developed plan and a great strategy will help you sell all of your tickets.
People who have already committed to your event by purchasing tickets are your active campaigners or your free marketing team. The more active campaigners you have the better the final effect. So, the more early sales you get in the more profit you will make.
In this article, we will share 5 great strategies that can help you sell tickets for money online fast. Let’s start:


This is probably one of the most popular ticketing strategies. In most cases, this is a price motivator aimed at encouraging 2 groups to purchase the tickets as soon as possible. The first group is your biggest fans who purchase the tickets as soon as they are available and once they purchase the tickets, they will tell the world they are going. The second group is people who are price sensitive customers. These people will be attracted to the great price of the tickets. Using this strategy can be a very important step in ensuring the success of your upcoming event.


Another common strategy that can help you double your ticket sales. The truth is that everyone likes being given the option to purchase something that others can’t, so offering your loyal customers or your sponsor’s customers the opportunity to purchase the first tickets can be an effective campaign. Usually, the ticket sellers use this strategy as a first campaign to launch and promote the event.


There are customers who like your event so much they want to purchase the tickets as soon as possible and experience the very best you can offer. They are ready to pay extra for this privilege. You need to consider how you can satisfy their needs and desires by offering extra premium ticket options. Keep in mind that these tickets are super attractive. Event merchandise, special access privileges, reserved sections, meet and greet opportunities, and etc. All of these are great opportunities for selling extra tickets.


The promotional offers are a popular way to attract the attention of the people who are having second doubts about whether to attend the event. We recommend you to prepare a few campaigns and promotional sub-campaigns where you might provide tickets and registrations at a discounted price. It is super important to plan these campaigns well and hopefully, the sales will go up. You can also prepare unique offers which could be released to the organizations you are partnering with.


Repeat and loyal customers are super important to the success of any event you organize. They are also the cheapest audience to market to. What are we trying to say is that a small effort is required to convince these people to purchase your tickets. Come up with an interesting idea of how to reward your loyal customers. Can you offer them an early access to the event?
These strategies can ensure your ticketing campaign is moving in the right direction. Remember, the key is good planning. Know what you want to achieve and you can expect the best for your ticketing campaign!

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